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CatchPad - Education 12 Pads

CatchPad - Education 12 Pads

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Meet with CatchPad, increase your performance!

Make your workouts more effective with 100s of interactive and gamified exercises. Follow your physical and mental development with a unique experience where technology, sports and entertainment meet.

Take action with the world's first and only CatchPad!

*Uzmanlar tarafından pedagojik bir ürün olarak onaylanmıştır.

  • CatchPad App (iOS & Android)
  • 12 Pads
  • 2 Bags
  • 2 Charging adapter
  • 12 Velcro tape
  • Numbers, Pad Quiz, Musical Notes, Emojis and Animals Sticker Set
*The smart device you use determines the maximum amount of Pad connection.
 *As of 2024, there is a mobile application + package subscription fee. The standard package is free.
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