What is CatchPad?

CatchPad is an smart training platform that combines traditional workouts with technology and fun.

It is used for hundreds of workout options, particularly focusing on reaction time, agility, coordination, balance exercises, and standart performance test.

Its holistic training approach enhances both cognitive and physical abilities simultaneously. This type of training demonstrates superior effects as it stimulates the formation of new and stronger neural pathways in the brain, fostering an improved connection between cognitive and physiological movements.Its design, consisting of lights, sound, and sensors, along with an integrated mobile application, make workouts to be more efficient and measurable.

How can I buy CatchPad?

To purchase the CatchPad system, enter your email on https://catchpad.com/pages/kickstarter and we'll get back to you when CatchPad is available for pre order on Kickstarter.

How is CatchPad different from other light reaction products?

We can provide a more effective and unique experience by utilizing our multiple sensors and stimuli in conjunction with our original product design.

By coordinating sound (which develops acoustic perception), light, vibration and multiple sensors (touch, proximity, balance, vibration detection, pressure) with software, we differentiate ourselves from competitors by offering the possibility of efficiently performing a wide range of activities in various use cases.

You can deactivate it by motion ( up to 60cm), touch ( 10 levels of sensibility that lets you decide if you want a gentle touch or a punch.), balance ( from 1 to 10 degree sensibility ). This makes the system also ideal for multi-sensory and cognitive training. For example, when using the balance feature, it gives the person instant feedback when unbalancing by vibrating, sound and light.

A compact design has been developed with the consideration of the need for additional accessories. Can be mounted to all tripods. Can stand on the ground without tipping over.

What are CatchPad's sensors?

Touch Sensor

10 levels of sensibility that lets you decide if you want a gentle touch or a punch.Proximity Sensor

You do not have to physically touch the Pad to deactivate light. You can deactivate it by motion in increments of 10cm up to 60cm.

This allows for precise measurements of sprints, acceleration, and change of direction tests. Balance Sensor

The balance sensor measures the state of the pad being parallel to the ground from 1 to 10 degree sensibility.

For example, when using the balance feature, it gives the person instant feedback when unbalancing by vibrating, sound and light( When you keep it straight all the colors appear as green. However it warn you in red color on whichever direction you tilt and directs you to keep it straight by vibrating and sound)

You can use it with a balance board, balance balls or while standing on one foot by holding a pad in each hand.

Vibration Detection

It is not necessary to touch the pads; you just need to strike the area where they are placed. You must set the sensitivity to the maximum setting in order to do this.

You can use it on surfaces like as rebounders and passing boards.Pressure Sensor*

Measure your punching and kicking power, speed and endurance.

*Sold as an additional package. Can be added on 1. Pad on your CatchPad set.

What are the CatchPad application features?

You can access hundreds of exercises with CatchPad. You can use it for hobby or professional purposes from 7 to 70 in many areas such as sports, health, educaiton, entertainment. There are dozens of features in the application.

Ready-made Exercises
You can directly select the ready-made exercises in the application and complete the settings then you can start.

With the CatchPad you can take place in the ranking table with the scores you have obtained from the exercises. You can compare yourself with other users in your own account or with all CatchPad users.

Exercise Assignment
To assign movementsto colors in CatchPad's exercises you can enter the "exercises section" in your profile and create the movements you want. Then you can enter the exercises and assign these movements to the colors you want.

You can create the quizzes you want in the "Quizzes" tab in the profile. You can create your quizzes in the form of quiz title, questions, answers.

You can create and group users in Catchpad. You can access information such as group-based comparison and ranking.

You can create sub-users in CatchPad. You can even group users and keep them in different groups in your profile. You can then access analyzes such as scores and comparison charts within the group.

Performance Analysis
You can access your past exercises your periodic progress and comparative of your scores from the "performance analysis" tab in the profile within the application.

You can use CatchPad in different languages.

Tracking and performance analysis

In the CatchPad mobile application, you can see your instant statistics and performance analysis during and after each training session. You can access statistics such as the reaction time you gave to each pad, average reaction time, how many targets you caught, the number of correct and incorrect targets, and the percentage of staying in balance.

Can workouts be customized?

Explore the CatchPad App to select from a variety of pre-made activities or create, save, and share your own. Explore various training options, track performance to the next millisecond, evaluate outcomes using real-time data to identify areas in need of improvement, and take appropriate action! There are settings you can customize before each workout. Such as training time, delay, time-out, touch, proximity sensor, vibration, sensitivity, specific sequence status, effect on/off, target color. You can save your customized training to your profile. Additionally, you'll be able to do it your own trainings.

How do I connect Pad to my phone?

The pads are connected to a mobile device. You can connect it with your Android or Ios devices, whether it's a tablet or a phone. We use bluetooth technology to connect to pads and when you touch the connection screen you can see all the pads that can be connected. You can connect one by one pressing the bluetooth icon next to each pad or you can connect to all pads by pressing the bluetooth icon at the top with just one button. The maximum number of pads that can be connected varies according to the device you use.

What is the connectivity range?

The connection range is up to 100 meters.

However, the number also depends on your mobile devices Bluetooth technology it may happen that not as mentioned above.

Can additional CatchPads® be ordered?

Yes. The system is expandable up to 20 CatchPads®. And we're working on expanding 36 CatchPads in the near future.

However, the number also depends on your mobile devices With less CPU (memory power), and lower Bluetooth technology it may happen that not as many Pads as above mentioned can be connected.

What are the CatchPad accessories

One adapter comes out of the bag. It helps us to charge the pads by stacking them on top of each other. We also have velcro tapes. With velcro tapes, you can use the pads comfortably on different surfaces. If you have a tripod you can mount the pads by attaching them to the tripod.

How to charge? What is charging and battery life?

Pads are easily charged by plugging your adapter into the jack input on the left side of any of them and then by stacking ( putting pad pads on top of each other).During charging Pads light up orange color. Once they are fully charged Pads light up green.

You can charge up to 6 Pads at the same time. Battery life 8-12 hours, depending on your usage( activities, sensors, colors etc.)

Charge time 1.5 hours.

Can it be played with more than one person at the same time?

The CatchPad can be operated with up to10 groups simultaneously, using the same activity. The data from each group in formation is also recorded independently.

And we're working on operating with different activities for each group at the same time.

In which languages is the CatchPad app available?

CatchPad app is available in English, Spanish and Turkish

If you would like to see the app in another language, contact us at: info@catchpad.com

Physical Properties

The Catchpad is produced with an ergonomic design in the shape of a circle. Diameter is 14 centimeters and it's height is 2.8 centimeters.

The average weight of the pads is 240 grams.

How durable are the Pads?

The Pad are made of custom PC-ABS material meaning it’s ball, punch, and kick-proof. We know that athletes will be rough with them, so we made them extra strong. When constructing the shape, stability considerations were key. Athletes can step on the Pad and hit it with different projectiles. The material selection supports our stability and quality focus. We used super reliable (and safe) materials. It is impact resistant except for sharp objects.

Are the Pad water resistant?

Pads are produced to be resistant to liquids, but contact with intense water should be avoided.

Has CatchPad been tested for electromagnetic interference and compatibility?

Our product has passed EN55032 and EN55035 tests and has successfully passed electromagnetic radiation and transmission tests.

What certifications and documents does CatchPad have?

CatchPad has CE certification and meets all CE certification standards.

What kind of warranty does CatchPad come with?

The regular retail warranty is one year. As a token of our appreciation to our Kickstarter backers, we're extending the warranty to a full 2 years, so you can back our project with extra peace of mind.

Does the price include VAT and taxes?

All shipments may be subject to import charges, including duties, customs tariffs, and VAT, as determined by the destination country or location. These charges are based on the country of origin/manufacturing of the purchased merchandise and its classification. They are imposed once your package arrives at your destination.

CatchPad company does not collect duties and taxes during the checkout process, and it cannot anticipate the specific charges you may incur. If additional charges arise, you are responsible for settling them to facilitate the customs clearance of your package.

For more information regarding customs policies, please reach out to your local customs office. We utilize your package weight and product shipping restrictions to align your order with an appropriate carrier; however, we are unable to specify a particular carrier.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship worldwide. Shipment prices change in accordance with the kit size and destination. On the Kickstarter page you'll find the final shipment price.