Privacy Policy

CatchPad Sports, Education and Entertainment Technologies Inc. and its worldwide affiliates ("CatchPad", "we", "our" or "us") go to great lengths to ensure that the personal data we process is secure and used correctly and that our data practices are accurately communicated to our potential customers. , and users (collectively "you" or "your").

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how we collect, store, use and disclose the following types of personal data:

Possible data regarding our website visitors, potential affiliates and dealers or distributors who visit, shop or interact with our websites (such as and subdomains depending on their location), our blogs or other similar forums, online advertisements and content, surveys, emails or other communications under our control (collectively the “Sites”), or participate in events or webinars (collectively - “Prospects”) that we organize or attend.

Advanced training platform, features and tools ("Platform" and Sites - "Services") User data relating to individuals who register with CatchPad ("Users").

Player data relating to the users of our Users ("Players"), whose progress may be tracked through the Services.

This Privacy Policy specifically describes our practices regarding:

1. Data Collection

2. Data Uses

3. Data Location

4. Data Retention

5. Data Security

6. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

7. Communication

8. Data Subject Rights

9. Roles and Responsibilities

10. Additional Information and Contact Details

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure you fully understand and accept it. You are not legally required to provide us with any personal data, and you can do so of your own free will (or refrain from doing so). If you do not wish to provide us with your personal data or have it processed by us or any of our Service Providers, please refrain from any interaction with us or any use of our Services. If you are a Player whose personal data is processed by the Platform on behalf of any of our Users, if you have any questions about the Services or do not want the Services to process any personal data, we recommend that you contact that User directly. about you.

1. Data Collection

The data we process about our expectations and our Users is usually collected and generated by automated means directly from you, through your interaction with us or our Services; From our users; or through third-party services, social media, analytics tools, events we organize or attend, and other business initiatives.

Such data may include:

● Contact information: contact information and interests, as well as any needs, preferences, qualifications and insights regarding our potential participation;

● Direct interactions and communications: messages, comments, posts, reviews, feedback and correspondence with other Users or us (for example, for user activation, support and training purposes), including chats, polls, calls and video recordings, transcripts, managed contacts, and their analytics and other data you choose to provide or upload through the Services;

● Account information: email address, name, nickname, date of birth, gender, occupation and interests, and additional optional information such as profile photo, weight, height, as well as hashed password or other information used for authentication and access control . You can edit or delete these details under “My Profile” 🡪 “Edit Profile” or “Delete User”.

By doing so, you provide us with information associated with such an account, which may include your name, profile picture, friend list, language preferences, demographics, location, account ID/token, and email address. Please note that CatchPad has no control over how any third party uses or discloses the personal data it collects about you.

● Analytical information: reaction times, score history, improvement trends, selected exercises, connected pads, personalized exercises, recorded and favorite activities, benchmarking and comparison with other Users;

● User-generated content: customized workout plans, workout videos, photos, etc. information you choose to upload to the Services, such as

● Service usage information: connectivity, technical and aggregate usage data, user agent, IP addresses, device data (such as type, operating system, device ID, browser version, locale and language settings used), Bluetooth, Geolocation, pad ID, access times and dates logs, communication and performance logs, session logs, problems and errors, and cookies and pixels installed or used on your device.

Player information: During the provision of our Services, the User may choose to add a Player to the Platform to track their progress. In this case, we will process certain additional data such as the Player's first and last name, as well as performance and progress information (e.g. fitness level, strength and speed). Our Users are responsible for providing their Players with adequate notice of such transactions and other information necessary to comply with applicable laws, as further described in Section 9 below.

2. Data Uses

CatchPad processes the personal data described in Section 1 as necessary to perform our Services; comply with our legal and contractual obligations; and to support our legitimate interests in maintaining, improving and advertising our Services. These include understanding how our Services are used and how our Services, campaigns and other activities are performing; gain insights that help us allocate our resources and efforts more efficiently; To market, advertise and sell our Services; provide customer service and technical support; and to protect and secure our Services, ourselves, and the organizations and individuals we engage with.

CatchPad will operate in many countries around the world. Therefore, your acceptance of our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy constitutes your consent to the processing of your personal data for the following purposes. will be. for all purposes detailed here. If you wish to revoke this permission, please contact us at

We will use your data in particular for the following purposes:

● Facilitate, operate and provide our Services;

● to verify your identity and allow you to access and use our Services;

● to provide you with customer service, assistance and technical support services;

● To further develop, customize and improve the Services and improve your user experience based on common or personal preferences, experiences and challenges;

● to streamline and optimize our marketing and advertising campaigns, advertising management and sales operations, and to more effectively manage and deliver advertising for our products and Services;

● communicating with you in general or personalized service-related or promotional messages in accordance with Section 7 below, and facilitating, sponsoring and offering certain events and promotions;

● support and improve our data security measures, including for the purposes of preventing and mitigating the risks of fraud, error, or any illegal or prohibited activity;

● to generate aggregated statistical data, non-personal data, or anonymized or pseudonymous data (non-personal data) that we or our partners may use to provide and improve our related services or for any other purpose; And

● comply with our legal, regulatory, compliance and contractual obligations.

3. Data Location

We and our Authorized Service Providers hold, store and process personal data on Google firebase.

While privacy laws may vary between jurisdictions, CatchPad, its affiliates, and Service Providers are each committed to protecting personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, traditional industry standards and less such appropriate legal mechanisms and contractual terms that require adequate data protection regardless. legal requirements that may apply in the jurisdiction to which such data may be transferred.

4. Data Retention

We retain your personal data for as long as reasonably necessary to provide our Services and offers to you and to maintain and expand our relationship; comply with our legal and contractual obligations; or to protect ourselves from any potential disputes (for example, as required by applicable law for logging, records and bookkeeping, and to have proof and proof of our relationship if any legal issues arise after you discontinue your use), all in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Please note that we will not be required to retain your personal data for a specified period of time, except as required by applicable law or by specific agreements we have with you, and we are free to securely delete or restrict access for any reason and at any time. time, with or without notice to you. If you have any questions about our data retention policy, please contact us by e-mail at

5. Data Security

Our Service Providers and we implement systems, practices and procedures to ensure the security of your personal data and to minimize the risks of theft, damage, loss of information or unauthorized access to or use of information. However, although we strive to protect your privacy and data, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of any personal data stored with us or any third party.

6. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

CatchPad and our Service Providers use cookies and other technologies for performance, tracking, analytics, personalization purposes and to provide you with a better experience. We may share non-identifiable/aggregated summaries of such information with our partners for our legitimate business purposes.

Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device (for example, Google Chrome or Safari) through your browser when you visit a website. Some cookies are removed when you close your browser session - these are "session cookies". Some last longer and are called "persistent cookies". We use both types of cookies to facilitate the use of features and tools of the Services. While we do not change our practices in response to the "Do Not Track" signal in the HTTP header from a browser or mobile app, you can manage your cookie preferences through your own account, including whether or not you accept them and how to remove them. browser settings. Please note that disabling cookies may make it difficult or even prevent you from using the Services. For more information about cookies, you may find the following websites useful:

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to collect information about the use of our Services. Google Analytics collects information such as how often you visit the Services, which pages you visit in doing so, and what other sites they used before coming to our Services. We do not combine information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable data. Google's ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to and use of the Services is limited by the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. You can find out more about how Google collects and processes data, particularly in connection with Google Analytics, here. You can find more information about your option to opt out of these analytics services here.

Facebook Pixel: We will use the Facebook Pixel to personalize our ads and serve you ads on your social media based on your browsing behavior. Facebook Pixel stores a cookie on your device to enable us to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes. Facebook may link this information to your Facebook account and also use it for its own promotional purposes in accordance with Facebook's Data Usage Policy. You can disable the display of Facebook ads by visiting your Facebook Ads Settings, and you can clear and control the information that third parties share with Facebook in your Off-Facebook Activity.

7. Communication

We carry out service and promotional communication via e-mail, telephone, SMS and notifications.

Service Communications: We may contact you for important information about our services. For example, we may send you notifications (by any method available to us) about changes or updates to our Services (such as billing issues, login attempts or password reset instructions, alerts and notifications about anomalies detected by our Services, abandoned shopping cart). emails, surveys, etc.). You can control your communications and notifications in accordance with the instructions in the communications sent to you. Please note that you cannot opt ​​out of receiving certain service communications that are an integral part of your use.

Notifications and Promotional Communications: We may also notify you about new features, additional offers, events, webinars, special deals, or other information we think you will find valuable. We may provide such notices through any of the communication means available to us (eg, SMS, phone, mobile or email), through the Services, or through our marketing campaigns on other sites or platforms. To control your notification settings, please follow the instructions in the promotional communications sent to you. If you do not wish to receive such communication, you can also let us know by sending an e-mail to

8. Data Subject Rights

Individuals have rights regarding their personal data. If you want to exercise your privacy rights under any applicable law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the CCPA or the TURKISH Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), such as the right to access, rectify or request deletion. Your personal data held with CatchPad, your right to restrict or object to the processing of such personal data, or to migrate such personal data - please contact us by e-mail: You can also edit or delete your information. Under “My Profile” 🡪 “Edit Profile” or “Delete User”.

Please note that deleting your personal data stored with CatchPad will adversely affect your use of our Services. Note that if you are a Player whose progress is tracked by the Services on behalf of our Users, your request should be directed to that relevant User. Also, please note that if such a request is made to us, we will share this request with the relevant User.

Please note that these rights are not absolute. There are instances where applicable law or regulatory requirements allow or require us to refuse to provide some or all of the personal data we hold about you. If we are unable to honor your request, we will notify you of the reasons, subject to legal or regulatory restrictions.

Also, please note that we may need additional information, including certain personal data, to verify and process your request. Such additional information may then be retained by us for lawful purposes (for example, as proof of the identity of the person submitting the request) pursuant to Section 4 above. From the data we provide to you, we may infer any personal data about others.

9. Roles and Responsibilities

As Controllers, our Users are responsible for providing adequate notice to their Players whose personal data may be processed - including adequate reference to the processing of their personal data through the Services and any other information necessary to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws; and to obtain all approvals and consents required by these laws from such persons.

10. Additional Information and Contact Details

Updates and Changes: We may update and amend this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting an updated version on our Services. The modified version will enter into force as of the date of publication. We will provide advance notice if we believe material changes have occurred through any of the communication tools available to us or through the Services. After this notice period, all changes will be deemed accepted by you.

External Links: While our Services may contain links to other websites or services, we are not responsible for their privacy practices. We recommend that you be careful when leaving our Services for any such third party website or app, and that you read the privacy policies of each website and service you visit. This Privacy Policy applies only to our Services.

Children: Our Services are not designed to attract children under the age of 16, we do not knowingly collect personal data from children and we do not want to do so. If we learn that a person under the age of 16 is using the Services, we will try to prohibit and prevent such use and will do our best to promptly delete all personal data stored with us regarding that child. If you think we may have such data, please contact us via e-mail at

Effective Date: September 2, 2022